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Welcome to

Takefu Knife Village


You can find the bus stop in front of the Takefu station.

Fee: ¥460 for one way


Take the bus of the Iritani line and get off at the stop "Ajimano Jinja-mae".

You can reach to Takefu Knife Viilage in 5 mins by foot.


The nearest station is

"JR Takefu station".


From the station to TKV
Bus: 25 mins

Taxi: 15 mins

 Rental bicycle: 1 hour 


You'll find the taxi stop in front of the JR Takefu station.

Fee: about ¥2,500 for one way

Time: about 15 mins


Marukoshi: 0778-22-0700

Komatsu: 0778-22-0585

 Takefu: 0778-22-0012


You can lend the bicycle at the tourist information.


 ¥500 for 4 hours

 ¥1,000 for 8 hours


Opening time: 9:00 - 18:00

Information: Century Plaza 1F

TEL: 0778-24-0655

*Now there is a nice service for taxi. 

You can come to our place with 500yen.

Please contact us for more details.

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